Travelling as a vegan can seem daunting. Being able to see the world whilst also sticking to your plant based regime needn’t be an issue, but it does require planning ahead. We have your back though — with top tips on travelling the world, restaurant reviews and help with the local lingo, you’ll never have to fear finding plant based food abroad again.

First up is Vienna. The Austrian capital is full of history and high-brow culture and has plenty of vegan gems just waiting to be discovered. Berlin may be known as the vegan capital of Europe, but its Austrian neighbour is hot on its heels and catching up fast.



As somebody who has travelled much of Europe, I’ve got to make a confession: Vienna has a very special place in my heart. I’ve lived and worked in this magical city and it happens to be where I began my plant based journey at the beginning of 2015.

As you’d probably expect, Vienna is filled with imperial, majestic architecture and is home to a lot of history. Traditions clearly run through the blood of this city, yet it still manages to seem relaxed and modern. So often over-shadowed by surrounding cities Budapest, Prague and Berlin, don’t let Vienna drop off your travel radar. There is a lot on offer here.



For a city steeped in history and tradition, and a food culture dominated by meat, Vienna is impressively open-minded on the vegan front. The word vegan seems to be everywhere. This certainly isn’t a niche movement in this city; instead the word creeps up on menu after menu.

This makes travelling around the city far more relaxed, because finding plant based food becomes less of a chore and can become more spontaneous.

However, if you want to find the best plant based options, it’s best to seek out the places which make vegan food a priority and focus. For those of you who love your plant based food to come in the form of big, chunky burgers, then Vienna has just the place for you. Schillinger’s Swing Kitchen provides its own take on fast food, with freshly prepared, environmentally friendly junk food which is 100 per cent plant based. With four branches around the city, no matter which district you’re staying in, Swing Kitchen won’t be too far away.



The founders of the vegan chain highlight being motivated by their desire to find plant based options on the go that were as tasty as their meat counterparts, and to prevent anybody from having to miss out on the food they may have eaten before going plant based. As a result, the menu is full of meaty burgers including the Schillinger’s own take on the traditional Austrian Wiener schnitzel. Not for everybody, but for those of you craving that meaty texture whilst on your travels, Swing is the place to go. Complete with slick décor and quirky, swing background music — this is clearly one of the landmark plant based eateries for the vegans of Vienna.

Not everybody wants a burger though, and for those that prefer their plant based food slightly less complicated, the well-established vegetarian restaurant Hollerei is for you. Located to nearby landmark Schönbrunn Palace; soups, salads and curry make up much of this menu, with vegan items labelled. This restaurant has a laidback charm and excellent food.

Another must-stop location on your visit to Vienna is the dairy-free ice cream parlour Veganista Eis. Vienna may not be known for its hot weather, but on a sunny day, all you’re going to want to do is find vegan ice cream to cool you down on the city streets. With two branches, and a plethora of creamy choice, you really are spoilt at Veganista. If you’re struggling to decide on which flavours to opt for, the staff are happy to give you samples of any which may be teasing those taste buds. Matcha fans: be prepared to spend all of your money here on the deliciously, velvet-texture of the matcha flavoured ice cream.



If you’re staying in Vienna for slightly longer, and particularly, if you have a kitchen, then checking out the Viennese branch of famous German supermarket chain Veganz is a nobrainer. A place where plant based dreams are made of, it is packed full of incredible, animalfree products, from sweet treats to frozen comfort food, fresh veg and on-the-go snacks. Surprisingly, this supermarket didn’t feel comparatively overpriced, meaning it comes highly recommended on your Austrian trip.

There is clearly much to see and do in Vienna. But it’s exciting to know that you can go and eat an abundance of amazing plant based food, without much planning or effort. Vienna is a beautiful city and the vegan variety of food elevates this to one of Europe’s best plant based destinations. Don’t miss out!


Watch Out! Not every restaurant takes cards, so it’s a good idea to keep cash on you!


Ingredients Lingo…

Käse = Cheese
Ei = Egg
Milch = Milk
Fleisch = Meat
Honig = Honey


Top 5 Sights!

1) Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens
2) Opera House
3) Rathaus (City Hall)
4) Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art Museums)
5) Naschmarkt (Market)


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