Raw Red Pepper and Sundried Tomato Wraps

Servings: Makes: 6

Nutritional Information:

Per wrap (91g)
Calories 172, Fat 11g, Saturates 1g, Carbohydrate 15g, Sugars 5.8g, Fibre 9g, Protein 6.6g, Salt 0.06g




Add all the ingredients to a blender and combine until a thick, smooth batter forms. Spread this mixture onto a sheet of parchment paper or dehydrator sheets so it is roughly 4mm thick.


Transfer the sheets to a dehydrator set at 48°C and leave to dehydrate for 2 hours. After 2 hours flip over the sheets and dehydrate for a further 2 hours, the wraps should be pliable but set. Cut the wrap into six pieces, cover and place into the fridge until use.


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