Rebel Kitchen has released a new range of dairy-free Mylk, “an alternative that looks like and tastes just like dairy milk”

Looking for tasty alternatives to cow’s milk can be a daunting prospect and one of the first obstacles to overcome for many new vegans trying to cut animal products from their diet. When it comes to dairy-free milk, everybody is different. Soya, oat, rice, almond, coconut, hemp — there is a variety of choices available. Speak to any vegan and they will have found the one which they like the most. Sometimes different milks suit different things.

For those people that just can’t get on with any of the dairy-alternative milks on offer, Rebel Kitchen thinks it may have the answer. Branded with ‘Mylk’ in huge letters across the front of the packaging, the new milk cartons, which are suitable for vegans, come in three options (whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed).

A blend of six ingredients replicates the qualities of cow’s milk but is in fact 100 per cent dairy-free. But what does the ‘Mylk’ contain? The taste profile is made up of organic coconut cream, organic brown rice, and nutritional yeast, and is described by the company as being the perfect match for cereal, a smoothie or foamed for hot drinks.

Rebel Kitchen Co-Founder and MD, Tamara Arbib, explained: “The definition of a ‘rebel’ is to ‘question the norm’ and that is exactly what we’re doing with our launch of Mylk. We’ve all grown up shopping the milk aisle based on our preference for the red, green or blue tops. Then when entering the plant based arena, you have to make a decision from almond through to soya, but none of them are really delivering on taste — until now.”


*The new product is available in Waitrose and RRP’s at £2.99.


Find out more about Rebel Kitchen’s products at their website:



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