Robbie Williams, the former Take That singer and solo artist, has taken on a plant based diet after a health scare at the end of the summer.

Former Take That singer Robbie Williams has reportedly recovered from a serious mystery illness with the help of leading a plant based lifestyle, following his wife Ayda Fields appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, where she spoke of his improving health.

In September, Williams suddenly fell ill whilst on tour, forcing him to postpone some tour dates in Russia. The only details known about his health is that he received some worrying test results that saw him spending time in Intensive Care to recover. Williams hasn’t cancelled any tour dates due to ill health since 1998, prompting the lifestyle change.

Both Williams and Fields watched the documentary ‘What The Health’, and decided to take on the plant based lifestyle. The couple has one last meal at Shake Shack before adopting the plant based lifestyle. In October, Williams took to his YouTube channel to update his fans on his recovering health, and new diet.

He stated in the vlog that he’s almost there, with a cheat meal of a burger on Sundays, with it being unclear if it’s a meat or vegetarian burger, but hopes to be “better than ever” when he leads a fully plant based lifestyle.

Alongside his new diet and lifestyle, he has also taken to doing yoga and pilates daily, to further improve his health.

Robbie Williams

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