Savoury Chickpea Buckwheat Crêpes

Servings: Serves: 4

Nutritional Information:

Per serving (232g)

Calories 323, Fat 12g, Saturates 1.5g, Sugars 9g, Salt 3.9g




Add all the ingredients for the crêpes to a bowl and whisk together until smooth.


Put the oil for the chickpeas in a frying pan and place over a medium heat. Add in all the chickpea ingredients and gently fry for a few minutes until fragrant and piping hot.


Heat a separate frying pan over a high heat and add a light drizzle of oil. Pour in enough crêpe batter to lightly coat the bottom, tilting the pan to spread it out evenly. Leave to cook until the edges are dry and beginning to lift away from the pan. Flip over and cook for a few seconds on the other side. Remove from the pan and keep warm while you make the rest.


Serve the crêpes filled with some chickpeas, avocado and greens, and finish with a drizzle of tahini.


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