Plant-based food brand Squeaky Bean has delivered a bumper food package to students at two UK universities this week. 400 packs of ready-to-eat food were sent to students in self-isolation at the University of Leeds and the University of Surrey.

The company realised that while many students are currently confined to their halls of residence, getting out to buy food or access vegan options might be difficult. Squeaky Bean began its mission to help vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian students by delivering 400 packs of its chicken-style pieces, sandwich slices and tortillas.

University of Leeds student Lotti Morton with her Squeaky Bean products

Co-Creator of the brand, Sarah Augustine, commented: “We decided that if students couldn’t get out to get food, or were struggling to access food that met their dietary requirements, then we should bring it to them directly. We’re so pleased that the University of Leeds and the University of Surrey decided to accept our offer, and we hope the students will enjoy their ready-to-eat tasty plant-based treats. After all, they can’t be expected to live on the boring baked bean diet or expensive takeaway deliveries forever!”

One student who received a delivery was Elisa Fumero, from the University of Leeds. She said: “I’ve been vegan for almost a year now. As I’m still quite new to it, I like to try out vegan alternatives and they’re a pretty big part of my diet at the moment. I find that alternatives are getting easier to find which is an amazing step towards normalising the diet! It’s been really inspiring and motivating to see more and more vegan brands in stores, especially for someone like me who went vegan for environmental reasons. I had to isolate after coming into contact with a confirmed Covid case. My flatmates and I isolated together to make sure that none of us had contracted it, so fortunately it wasn’t a very lonely experience. Luckily, we all tested negative in the end!”

Squeaky Bean is planning additional deliveries of plant-based food to other universities in the UK; students or universities can request their own delivery by tagging @squeakybeanveg on Instagram.

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