It has been reported that Starbucks are working on new vegan protein drinks, as the consumer demand for vegan options show no signs of slowing down. In an interview with Bloomberg, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said that the company are preparing to “lean into more plant based beverages”, and revealed that a new plant based cold-brew protein drink is going to be launched this summer.

Starbucks have seen a decline in sales for some of their Frappuccino drinks, with consumers leaning towards healthier options with lowered sugar content. Cold-brew coffee drinks account for one in five new coffee product launches, with younger generations taking to the beverages in replacement of soft drinks.

At the global food innovation summit, Seeds and Chips in Milan, Starbucks’ founder Howard Schultz talked about the ‘huge’ potential for the chain regarding vegan items that historically, the chain had been slow to change their menus and cater for this.

It is unclear which countries the new plant based drink will be available in, however the brand are working to fulfil the demand for more plant based items. Earlier in the year, The company’s COO, Rosalind Brewer spoke about Starbucks’ plans to introduce more plant based options.

Brewer said: “We have a line that we’d love to share with our customers later this year, so it is in our plans. We know our customers ask us that repeatedly, and we’ll be responding.”

Keep an eye out in the future for more plant based items from Starbucks!

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