Starbucks have launched their new vegan protein drink, shortly after announcing that there will be new product, within the next few weeks. It has been revealed that the product is a Dark Chocolate Banana double-shot coffee smoothie, made with almond milk.

The coffee chain’s COO Rosalind Brewer, revealed the company were working on new plant based options due to consumer demand. Last month, Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks said at a food innovation summit that the opportunity for vegan food is huge, prompting further indication that new products were in the pipeline.

In the UK Starbucks has added a sweet potato falafel wrap, a kale and jalapeno slaw wrap and a vegan raspberry cake to their menus. US stores have seen vegan macadamia cookies, overnight oats and lentil salads added to menus in response to customer demand for plant based items.

A launch date for the UK for the new product has not been announced, however the new drink is available in the US for $2.75.

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