Stuffed Seitan with Pine Nut Glaze




1. Preheat a large pan over medium heat and sauté the mushrooms and leeks in oil until they’re soft and sizzling. Add the salt, pepper, slices of chestnuts, garlic and thyme. Cook for another two minutes, stirring often so nothing burns to the pan.

2. Sprinkle in the breadcrumbs and stir through the mixture. This will absorb any moisture and begin to thicken the mixture. By now it should be thick and almost dough-like. Drizzle in the vegetable stock and lemon juice, stir so the mixture can soak up all the liquid, and then set aside until you’re ready to use it.



1. Preheat the oven to 170°C (Gas Mark 3,325°F) and make sure you have a big oven tray ready to roast the seitan on. In a food processor, blend the garlic, then add the beans, stock, oil and soy sauce until it looks like a loose sauce.

2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the wheat gluten, herbs and spices. Make a well in the centre of the mix and stir through the bean sauce. Use a spoon to incorporate it all together- it will start to resemble bouncy dough.

3. Now grab two large rectangle sheets of foil – each similar to the size of a broadsheet newspaper, and lay them down horizontally, with the sheet nearest to you overlapping the other by about 10cm. This will create your seitan roast wrapping.

4. On a large chopping board or clean surface, roll out the seitan mix so it comes to a 25cm x 30cm rectangle. It might be quite stretchy and tear in places- just patch up with some dough from the edges of the mixture, where it might be a bit thicker.

5. Place the filling in the lower bottom ? of the seitan dough, leaving about 4cm of space at each end. Use your hands to make the filling really compact so it’s easier to roll.

6. Now bring up the bottom of the seitan, nearest to you, and roll over the filling and keep rolling until it’s formed a log shape. Pinch together the seam and the sides so the mixture is sealed in.

7. Carefully move the roll over to the tinfoil and sit it length-ways on one end of the foil, so the foil seam will be in the middle of the seitan roll. Roll it up and make sure the ends are tightly wrapped, and move over to a baking sheet. Bake in the oven for around 90 minutes to two hours, turning every twenty minutes so the roll cooks evenly.

8. Test the roll at 90 minutes in- all ovens are different! It needs to be firm and withstand you poking it- it should bounce back like a well-cooked loaf of bread. If it still feels a bit soft, bake for another 20 minutes until it’s done. When you’re ready to serve the seitan, carefully peel back the foil and let it stand for about five minutes. In this time you can make the glaze.


1. Gently dry-roast the pine nuts in a small pan, and once they’ve darkened in colour, pour in the apricot compote. Wait until it’s just beginning to thicken from the heat, and then pour over the top of the seitan roast, making sure the pine nuts are evenly distributed. Slice up the roast with spoonful’s of the leftover filling made into a broth, and red onion gravy.


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