Tear and Share Chocolate Hazelnut Snowflake Tart


2 tbsp
Soya Milk For Pastry Glaze



Preheat the oven to 180°C (Gas Mark 4, 350°F). Grease and line a large baking tray. Have a 20cm cake tin or plate on hand as this will be your guide for your pastry cutting.


Take the first pack of croissant pastry and roll out so it is slightly larger than the 20cm cake tin. Place the cake tin over the pastry and, using a sharp knife, just mark out the outline of the tin – this will be a guide for where to spread the hazelnut and chocolate sauce.


Using a spatula, spread a third of the hazelnut spread over the pastry within the cake tin lines. Place this first layer in the centre of the baking tray. Repeat the steps for 2 more layers, placing each one on top of the last on the baking tray, and using up the whole jar of spread.


For the final layer, roll the pastry to the same size as the cake tin. Then place it on top of the 3 other layers. Place the cake tin over all the layers and use the sharp knife to trim off any excess pastry.


Now take a glass tumbler or pint glass and place it upside down in the centre of the pastry. This will help secure everything as you start to cut.


Using the same sharp knife, and keeping the glass in place with your hand, cut 16 slices outward from the glass, so you end up with what looks like a pastry flower.


Working with 2 adjacent slices at a time, twist the edges of the slices outwards twice, so they have 2 full turns in them. Do this with each pair of slices until you’ve done the whole tart. Then tuck each end of the slice under itself to secure any filling that may escape when baking.


Brush over a little soya milk to make the pastry extra glossy, and then bake for around 30 minutes, checking on it after 20 minutes and covering with foil if the pastry is getting any darker than golden brown.


Serve straight away and let your guests pull their own snowflake strand out from the centre — they’ll love the theatre of it.


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