Ten minutes with… Hannah Sunderani

We catch up with Toronto-based food blogger Hannah Sunderani.

How long have you been vegan and what made you make the change?

My journey to veganism was a long one, and it didn’t happen overnight. In my early 20’s I went mostly plant-based, yet still incorporated fish and seafood into my diet. As time progressed, I realised that this too had health and environmental impacts and I decided to make the full transition.

What dish would convince a die-hard omnivore to try a plant-based diet?

I have so many recipes to convince a die-hard omnivore! I think the biggest influence is making vegan recipes that suit their style of eating. I love to make my vegan tacos or cauliflower wings for my meat-loving friends.

What’s your go-to breakfast?

It’s always changing! In the winter I love Fried Apple and Almond Butter Oatmeal. In the summer I love my green smoothies.

What’s your favourite plant milk?

Oat milk! Or, if I have 10 minutes to spare, nothing beats my Creamy Dreamy Almond Milk, which foams beautifully in lattes.

What’s your favourite midweek meal?

I love something really quick and wholesome. I recently just made an Instant Pot Dal and we are obsessed.

Hannah Sunderani

What’s the best city in the world for plant-based food?

Berlin is pretty amazing. If you go, try and book a reservation at Cookies Cream.

What’s your favourite vegan restaurant?

Toronto has some pretty awesome vegan restaurants! I love PLANTA on Queen Street. It’s an Asian-inspired vegan restaurant and the menu is fab.

What are your favourite spring vegetables?

Green beans, asparagus, peas, cucumber and lettuce. And rhubarb – though it’s debatable if that’s fruit or vegetable!

Tell us what veganism means to you.

Veganism means respecting the future of our earth, and the animals that inhabit it. Somewhere we started to believe that animals don’t have feelings or rights. We are all animals on this earth and it’s about treating each other with respect. I also want to mention that veganism isn’t about being perfect all the time. In the modern world, it’s impossible to be 100 per cent sustainable and ethical in all aspects of our life. But I believe in doing what we can, and that our impact can have a ripple effect on the actions of others, influence industry, and change the future generations to come.

• Find Hannah’s delicious recipes at twospoons.ca, and follow her on Instagram @twospoons.ca

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