The Food Revolution


There is nothing I want to see more than a world driven by veganism. It is the thing which I am most passionate about, and I feel extremely lucky to get to combine something I love with how I earn a living. I believe that plant based eating is the future of food.


The growing number of people removing meat and other animal products from their diets is growing rapidly, with some people choosing to eat vegan 24/7 and others cutting down on their consumption considerably. It is clear that a vegan future is looking more likely by the day.


Between our Cook Vegan magazine and our sister titles Vegan Life and Vegan Trade Journal, we’ve been trying to keep pushing the momentum in the right direction and show more and more people that being vegan isn’t as difficult as it may seem.


The rise of social media platforms for presenting an image of ourselves to the world has certainly been a factor in the growth of veganism, as more people want to show off their plant based meals to friends and followers. But we’ve also noticed a growing number of people who don’t necessarily want to call themselves vegan or identify with that label, despite eating a vegan diet.


Therefore, we’ve taken the bold decision to re-brand our Cook Vegan magazine as PlantBased. The content is only going to expand, so you can still expect a wealth of vegan recipes, tips and techniques, alongside the latest news, hot products and interviews. However, by re-branding we believe we can reach a whole new group of people who are on their way to veganism or are open to the idea and want to learn more about plant based eating.


For me, this can only be a positive thing. Any chance to convince more people that the future is plant based isn’t something I want to shy away from and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to speak to more people and reach those that may have never considered picking up the magazine previously.


But just in case you were wondering, we are still a 100% vegan magazine, being run by vegans. Our ethics and love for plant based food remain the same, and we can’t wait to help more people on their own vegan journeys.


We hope you’ll stick with us through this re-brand and spread the word on social media. We love to hear your feedback and ideas, so if you want to get in touch please drop me a message at


Let’s continue to show the world how delicious plant based food can be!


Future of Food is Plant Based


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