Manchester food banks are set to receive 1200 meals this week following an appeal by the Vegetarian Society. With increased demand on food banks due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the north-west based charity launched an emergency appeal, and the first batch of 150 boxes are set to be distributed this week. The Vegetarian Society is working with the Trussel Trust.

Each food box contains the ingredients for two nutritious, vegan meals. The kits will make eight servings that can be eaten immediately, or frozen for later use.

Food banks are currently desperately short of food, as more and more people face an uncertain financial future. Lynne Elliot, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, said: “We started the distribution of food boxes in our home city of Manchester, but we want to get food boxes out to as many food banks as possible. Your donation of at least £5 will provide this essential food for families, and the more you are able to donate, the more meals we will be able to get to people.”

The appeal has raised £36,390 so far, with members and supporters of the Vegetarian Society donating, along with a number of businesses, including Bute Island Foods, Cauldron Foods, Flo, Granovita, Natracare, Quorn, Sacla, and Suma.

To donate to the appeal, head to: 

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