Top 5  ‘Anti-Ageing’ Foods

When you’re thinking about maintaining healthy-looking skin, there are the well-publicised things that we should all think about, such as not smoking or spending too much time in the sun. However, taking a look at the foods you keep in your kitchen cupboards can be a great way of helping to maintain youthful looks. Here are five plant based foods that you should be ensuring are a regular part of your food regime to help you keep great skin without having to look to miracle creams and treatments.


1. Spinach and kale

Spinach and kale are well-known for being packed with great nutrients, so it’s no surprise that they are also great for your skin. Packed with phytonutrients that can help to prevent sun damage, they are a vital natural source of lutein — a yellow pigment that is actually disguised by more dominant green pigments. Lutein helps to give skin
elasticity, which is of course really important for keeping youthful looks.

spinach and kale


2. Orange juice

When you want vitamin C, orange juice is an easy way to get it. A necessary vitamin for helping in the production of collagen, it is important for repairing damage from all those bad things that impact your skin — sun overexposure, air pollution and

orange juice

cigarette smoke. Due to the fact that vitamin C can’t be stored by our bodies, it’s important to eat good sources of this vitamin daily. Any excuse to drink lots of juice each day, is good by us.

3. Dark chocolate

Chocolate may not have been the first thing to spring to mind when thinking of ways to keep healthy skin. Nonetheless, it makes its way

dark chocolateonto this list due to the compounds epicatechin and catechin which are found in dark chocolate.

Of course, the richer the cocoa content, the better the benefits will be, so try to find dark chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa and isn’t too high in sugar content.

4. Tofu

Soya-based products oſt en get a bad rap, but they can be hard to avoid on a plant based diet. One of the major benefits of

tofu eating tofu though, is the benefits it can give your skin. Rich in isoflavones, it can help to keep your skin
well-hydrated and improve elasticity. Some research points to the fact that isoflavones may actually help to slow down the ageing process by preventing skin from thinning so quickly.

5. Tomatoes

Studies have shown that lycopene — the pigment which gives tomatoes their prominent red glow — can help to reduce redness in the skin from UV-induced damage.


The pigment is in fresh tomatoes, but has actually been revealed to be better absorbed from tomatoes that have been cooked, so adding tomatoes and paste to your dishes is a good way of increasing your lycopene intake and helping to reduce sun damage. But still remember to put your sunscreen on when you’re going out on a hot day.

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