Top 5 Halloween Treats

Trick-or-treating can be difficult when your children follow a plant-based diet, with the majority of sweets given out containing dairy, gelatine or colours which could be derived from animals.
To offer a sweet solution, we’ve rounded up our top 5 vegan Halloween treats. These are great to serve at a Halloween party; are super easy to make with the kids, and are also worth keeping on standby for when your little ones come back with trick-or-treating goodies that aren’t vegan-friendly.

1. Vegan Marshmallows

These are a great alternative to normal marshmallows, which contain gelatine. Mini vegan marshmallows are perfect for decorating cakes, or to top a delicious hot drink. You can also use bigger ones to create Halloween treats, or you can pop them on a Halloween party spread with other plant-based delights.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn is always a popular choice, with endless possibilities on how you flavour it. Savoury popcorn is an ideal replacement for crisps, as it’s lower in fat, and sweet popcorn often contains less sugar than sweets. If making it yourself doesn’t seem appealing, you can always buy a multipack with a choice of flavours – perfect to give out to any trick-or-treaters.


3. Toffee Apples

A firm favourite at this time of year, toffee apples are an all-round winner for getting children to eat some fruit. Despite their sugary coating, apples are always a good choice as all varieties are packed with B and C vitamins. You can expect to find them in the shops ready-made, but there are plenty of simple recipes online if you fancy getting the kids involved with making some – just be careful with the hot toffee mixture.

4. Oreos

A classic vegan treat, most flavours of Oreo are accidentally vegan and the lunchbox snack packs are a great option to give out to any trick-or-treaters. There are some recipes online to make yummy Halloween sweets if you’re feeling creative, many of which are super simple – such as Oreo ‘mummies’ – making them great to do with children.

5. Gingerbread Biscuits

Although gingerbread is traditionally thought of as a Christmas biscuit, it’s also a great Halloween option with typically autumnal flavours. A lot of supermarket gingerbread men are vegan, but make sure you check the packaging for any sneaky ingredients. You might even be able to get your hands on some Halloween-themed gingerbread monsters!



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