Budget hotel chain Travelodge are launching new vegan options on their menus, amidst their renovations taking place, starting with their new style hotels at Gatwick Airport and York Micklegate. Other improvements include improved facilities, updated bedrooms and the new Bar Café concept with the inclusive vegan options.

Vegetarian options are labelled with a green ‘V’ symbol, with old favourite, Linda McCartney sausages being on the menu too, which are suitable for vegans. Although some options may not be explicitly labelled as vegan, cooked breakfast options which are vegan include baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and Linda McCartney sausages, or if you prefer a continental breakfast, fruit salad, granola or toast and jam are available too.

While the breakfast options might not too far from the ordinary vegan options, the accessibility of a vegan cooked breakfast at a hotel chain is welcomed. Dinner options are similarly labelled, but guests are encouraged to check with staff that there isn’t any dairy or egg hidden in the ingredients used for the dishes.

Choices for dinner include a roasted vegetable jalfrezi minus the naan bread and reportedly a falafel and veggie burger without the bun, served with skin on fries and salad.

Despite only two of their locations being classes as new-style hotel, 180 out of their 566 locations will receive the updated menu.

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