The UK is set to have its first plant based nutritional conference on 23 March 2018. The conference will be hosted by Dr Shireen Kassam who is a consultant haematologist and Dr Tom Hubbard, a GP. Both oversee the group Plant-Based Health Professionals and “share a passion for promoting health and well-being through the use of plant based nutrition and other healthful lifestyle interventions, such as physical activity and meditation.”

A spokesperson for the event said: “The current medical curriculum devotes very little time to teaching students and qualified doctors about the role of nutrition in promoting health and well-being, and in disease prevention. Instead, the focus is on treating established diseases with pharmaceutical agents and invasive procedures.”

According to scientific research there is strong evidence that up to 80 per cent of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer could be reduced or even prevented through lifestyle changes, including the addition of a more plant based diet. Their spokesperson added: “In addition, the UK model of healthcare places too little emphasis on prevention, rather managing diseases once they have occurred.”

The reason for holding conference based entirely on the benefits of a plant based lifestyle is “to provide a platform for the education of healthcare professionals and other interested groups in the area of plant based nutrition”, with the hope that they will share this information with their patients, family and friends. This is the first of a number of planned conferences for the UK and Ireland.

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