VBites have had their ‘Making Waves’ vegan fish steaks added to more than 140 Flaming Grill pubs around the UK. The addition of these to the menu takes into account the growing population of vegan diets, and the demand for meat-free options is increasing.

Flaming Grill is owned by Greene King who, in a statement, said: “Meat reducers and flexitarians can now enjoy the iconic traditional fish and chips, with a clear conscience as they enjoy the UK’s first truly sustainable ‘fish’ made entirely from plant based ingredients.

“The contaminants in our oceans are finding their way into the food chain. Through taste-obsessed development, the ‘Making Waves’ range proves some delicious, truly revolutionary alternatives to real fish, which look and taste the same, but without harming any fish, or our oceans, at all.”

You can use the location checker on their website here to find out where your nearest Flaming Grill is.

In addition, Heather Mills who owns VBites has created 300 jobs by expanding the company and buying a factory that used to produce Walker’s Crisps. The factory in County Durham was purchased after UK job losses affected her decision to expand further into the UK than Austria, like she had originally planned.

Speaking on TV show This Morning, Mills said: “I am pleading with the supermarkets to buy British. We have Brexit on the way, we are in this situation, love it or hate it. The manufactures are leaving for Germany left, right and centre.

“I go back to my home town – and I am about to build a factory in Austria – and I find out my friend has lost her job. So I bought the Walkers Crisps factory to bring all the jobs back again.”

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