A vegan patisserie has opened in London, with Parisian pastry chef Clarisse Flon leading the venture. Traditionally, French pastries and patisserie items are not vegan-friendly; however, Flon saw a gap in the market after switching to a vegan diet.

The new menu is available at Café Forty One, at La Suite West Hotel from this week, with some old favourites made vegan. Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Flon said: “British and American food seems to revolve around sugar and heavy things like brownies and cupcakes right now.

“Everything’s really colourful or got icing on top. My training was in French patisserie and in France, you’re really concentrating on textures, fresh fruits and the best ingredients.”

Despite making a career out of sweet food, Flon revealed that she favours savoury food. Talking about French cuisine, Flon said that different flavours and textures are important. “I don’t have much of a sweet tooth; I might make pastry but I’m more of a savoury person so I like fruits and nuts and I like to play with texture,” said Flon.

Other vegan offerings are being introduced to the menu, with breakfast, lunch and Afternoon Tea. Smoked ‘salmon’ and cream cheese is made using seaweed, miso and liquid smoke-infused carrot, and Asian slaw with gluten-free bread shimeji mushrooms.

Speaking about her transition to veganism, Flon said that she made the change due to an ‘undetectable digestive system illness,’ and researched food preparation and subsequent impacts on the environment due to dietary choices.

During her research she discovered that vegans are rarely catered for in patisseries, and set out to make some items of her own. Meringues, millefeuilles and madeleines are some of the items Flon set out to make, making them suitable for vegans.

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