New vegan yoghurt made from banana flour is launching into the dairy-free market, which is a growing market that is on track to be worth $7.5 billion by 2027. The new product is going to be made using green bananas, and a patent is being put in place on this innovative ingredient.

The International Agriculture Group (IAG) is looking to expand further into the dairy-free and vegan yoghurt market, and spoke to FoodNavigator-USA about the product.

According to IAG, the product, NuBana, will provide “improved taste, texture and sensory characteristics compared to commercial non-dairy yoghurts.

In that patent filed for the product, IAG explains: “The present disclosure is directed towards retail, branded and foodservice yoghurt as a prepared food for direct consumption, or as an ingredient in a food product, and to broaden the consumption of yoghurt products to the growing lactose intolerant, healthy focused, consumer base.”

How is banana flour yoghurt made?

The green banana flour is processed using heating and cooling methods, with enzymes added for the vegan yoghurt base to be created.

Additional ingredients can be added to increase the starch content, as the starch content is low with banana flour.

There is currently no time scale on when we can expect to see vegan yoghurts made with banana flour on supermarket shelves.

However, as the number of people taking up a plant based diet increases, in turn the demand for dairy-free products will increase, too.

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