The increased numbers of consumers adopting a vegan diet has seen the meat industry attempt to maintain consumer interest by advertising meat products as premium items. New research from Paris-based ingredients and suppliers association Club PAI, identifies the steady decline of the meat industry as plant based diets continue to increase.

Marketing manager, Sophie de Raynal spoke to FoodNavigator, saying: “There are different drivers that explain the switch for plant based food: taste, animal welfare, culture or religion and health. Plant based proteins are mostly appealing for women and Generation Y and Z.”

According to the new information, consumers are mostly looking for superfoods. Commenting on this de Raynal said: “In 2018, the most famous superfoods are: coconut, avocado, beetroot, turmeric, nuts (mainly almonds, cashews), seeds (flaxseed, sunflower seed, sesame, chia), fermented food (kefir, skyr, kombucha, kimchi), kale, spinach, cranberries, golden berries.”

However, despite plant based foods appealing to a wider market, the meat industry is trying to find new ways to appeal to consumers as the industry continues to decline. PAI found that the way meat is consumed and produced is changing, and companies are altering the way the meat and dairy sector operate.

De Raynal has forecasted that “the planet won’t be totally vegan, even by 2050,” but that the quality of meat be will be improved. Speaking about this, de Raynal said: “As the number of product launches is still growing, the market will keep on growing.

“All the big companies involved in animal-based products (milk or meat) are launching plant based products, which is a sign of the important of the trend. But we will still eat meat in future decades.”

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