How’s your January going? If you’re taking part in January, you’re just about reaching the halfway point of your first vegan month! If you’re anything like me, as I talked about in my last post, you’ll have found it much easier than you expected. Given that with every passing year we get more and more vegan products on the shelves, you may even have found that there is very little that you couldn’t directly replace with a ready-made product!

My advice to new vegans in the first few days is always to take it slowly, and swap out the things that you know you are going to want to eat. That first New Year’s Day breakfast can be the fry-up that you have always enjoyed, you just needed to get some sausages and bacon in (we love Richmond’s and THIS). The spaghetti bolognese that you make for the family is easily veganised with some mince (try Meatless Farm or Naked Glory), and you can easily replace the yoghurt you use for your overnight oats with a vegan version (Alpro or Oatly).

Now you’re a couple of weeks in though, it could be a good time to start experimenting in the kitchen (if you haven’t already). If you’re missing scrambled eggs, why not try tofu scramble? The texture is remarkably similar, and you can replicate the taste with the addition of Kala Namak, a black rock salt that has a similar pungent smell! Find a recipe for tofu scramble here.t

English Breakfast

Mince is a great versatile ingredient, and the vegan options are now plentiful, but if you want to get a bit more creative, try swapping it out for roasted vegetables in a lasagne. It’s a great way to help you pack in your 5-a-day! Find the recipe here.

Missing a certain nutty, chocolatey spread? Try making your own; you’ll know exactly what’s going into it, and it will taste amazing! Try the recipe for our Cacao and Hazelnut Spread – slather it on toast, enjoy it on pancakes or add it to a shake.

Cacao and Hazelnut Spread

I caught up with our two new vegans who are taking part in Veganuary, to see how they are getting on. Claire began on January 1st with her 17-year-old daughter: “12 days in and it’s going really well, and the best bit is that the whole family have joined in with equal enthusiasm! Oat milk lattes are going down a treat in the morning, we have made lentil bolognese, butternut and chick pea curry, dahls and my husband and the younger daughter (the non-vegans) made a full vegan roast on Sunday including make the gravy from scratch, using a mushroom stock. So far we all agree we aren’t missing out on anything!”

Nicole, from Madrid, also started at the beginning of the month: “It’s going great! I’ve experimented with making vegan cheeses with almonds and cashews, found Beyond Meat and nutritional yeast in a few supermarkets and even convinced my fiance that eating vegan can taste really good! I also found out that another friend is doing Veganuary too so we are planning on going to a few vegan restaurants in the city.”

If you’re taking part in Veganuary, come and say hi on Instagram (@plantbasedmag) – tell us what you’re cooking, and if you’ve found any amazing new products that you love.

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