Tasting a burger which has been surrounded by such a thick smog of hype, activity and anticipation evoked definite excitement in everyone at PlantBased HQ; but would the real thing live up to its already infamous reputation? The simple answer: yes!

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger is not like any vegan patty you will have ever tasted. Beyond Meat’s Executive Chair Seth Goldman jested “in the past, I joked that the veggie burger seems like a conspiracy by the meat industry to discourage people from eating plant based foods.” Taking a wildly different approach, Beyond Meat started by looking at the meat “from a molecular level; understanding the physics of meat and how it’s put together. When you look at it that way, you end up with a very different answer.”

Using the clever science of ‘stitching together’ water, amino acids – specifically the protein from Canadian yellow peas – along with fats from rapeseed and coconut oil and the colour concentration of beetroot, Beyond Meat have made a burger which bears an uncannily resemblance to beef. It “looks like a burger looks, sizzles like a burger sizzles and tastes like a burger tastes,” as explained Seth.

It even has the same amount of protein as a conventional beef burger (around 20g) but with half the saturated fat. Meaning burger lovers can “eat what they love, but in a healthy way. And of course, we can avoid having millions of sentient beings killed.”

Cooking at home

The rumours are true: Tesco’s head of plant based innovation, Derek Sarno, announced at yesterday’s launch that the Beyond Burger will be stocked in Tesco stores across the UK. In the late summer this year, 350 Tesco stores will welcome fresh stocks of the Beyond Burger. It will on shelves in both the fresh meat aisle – in order to encourage those usually looking for a meat burger, to consider this healthy, cruelty-free option – alongside the freezer section, to ensure those already following plant based diets don’t have to be subjected to an uncomfortable stroll down the meat section.

Eating out

Honest Burgers: the stage for our Beyond Burger tasting, will be the first UK restaurant base to serve the vegan burger on their menu. Starting from Tuesday 10th July, Honest Burgers will invite customers to indulge in the beautiful burger, topped with vegan Smoked Gouda from Green Vie, Rubies in the Rubble Aquafaba Mayo and Chipotle Mayo, and layers of fresh lettuce and tomato, alongside an absolutely essential serving of Honest Burgers’ rosemary salted chips (don’t scrimp on the sides here; these chips are totally worth the calories!) The burger is also available in a gluten free option at Honest Burgers.

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