Renowned documentary What the Health that took audiences by storm at the beginning of the year is a nominee in the Outstanding Documentary (television) category by the NAACP. The NAACP Image Awards are dedicated to acknowledging actors and influential people of colour, and their achievements in the film and media industry.

The documentary encouraged a number of celebrities including, Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton to change to the vegan lifestyle after revealing the truth behind the meat and dairy industry, giving insight to the health related problems associated to eating meat and leaving a lasting impression on many people.

Other issues raised in the documentary included the pollution caused by animal farming, with an estimated 36 billion animals farmed each year for human consumption. Throughout the film, Kip Anderson, who also created the award winning film Cowspiracy, speaks with a number of medical professionals, including Dr Neal Barnard.

The NAACP Awards are opening voting to the public for the first time in their 49 years of hosting the awards, and you can vote for What the Health here until December 15: The ceremony will be aired live on January 15, 2018.


What the Health

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