The Wicked Kitchen range stocked exclusively by Tesco has exceeded sales predictions by double the amount forecast. Recent sales figures show that over 2.5 million units of the brand’s items were sold in the first 20 weeks, with that period ending in May.

The five best-sellers for the brand are the Sweet Potato Pakora Wrap, Nana’s Bolognese, the Hoisin Mushroom Wrap, BBQ ‘Shroom Sourdough Pizza and the Sourdough Caponata Pizza.

The number of people leading a plant based diet has soared in recent years, however the main consumer group for Tesco lies with the flexitarian market. Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z are demanding more varied sources of protein, with a higher dependency on plant based items over meat.

As the ethical concerns work in line with the health concerns relating to the consumption of animal products, more people are switching to plant based products instead. For brands like Wicked Kitchen, tapping into this market and identifying this demand has proven to be successful.

Speaking to LiveKindly, Derek Sarno, Director of Plant Based Innovation at Tesco and co-founder of Wicked Healthy, said: “Sell more than double prediction is huge for a new brand, vegan or not. I’m proud of all the work that Tesco has been able to accomplish with my support.

“Our mission at Wicked Healthy and my personal mission is to use our skills to be of the most benefit to other. I like to call it ‘compassion in action’, using the skills I’ve trained to do all my life to bring veg centre plate and make them the stars of the meal.”

Speaking about the success of the Wicked Kitchen line, Sarno said: “To me, it’s clear as day; as someone who doesn’t eat any animal products myself, there was barely anything for me to eat in any of the retailers, making this a very easy win.

“All we had to do was what hadn’t been done before: put amazing foods completely free from animals on the shelf and they had to be delicious, easily accessible, affordable, and live up to the standards we hold on quality.”

It has been reported that Wicked Kitchen are expanding their product range as the demand for vegan food continues to rise, and the brand fills a gap in the market for prepared vegan meals.

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