Aiming to promote vegan values, World Meat Free Week is returning this month, 11th – 17th June.

Having built an impressive reputation for itself as World Meat Free Day, the newly-extended World Meat Free Week has harnessed the support of influential companies, such as PETA, Quorn, vevolution and netmums, not to mention a stream of celebrity supporters – to ensure an even bigger following for this year’s meat free, eco-conscious campaign.

How meat-free will make a difference

World Meat Free week’s website quotes a study by The University of Oxford, which found that widespread adoption of vegetarian and vegan diets would massively reduce harmful food-related emissions. The statistics state that ‘just one person’s decision to go meat free for just one meal could save the equivalent of nine people’s daily water usage, a carbon saving equivalent of boiling a kettle 388 times, an 11g fat saving and up to 90 calories.’

While, one of World Meat Free Week’s most eye-opening reports comes from Dr Peter Scarborough (Senior Researcher at the British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group, Department of Health), whose findings concluded that ‘if people who ate 100g of meat a day went vegan, their food related carbon footprint would reduce by 60%, saving the equivalent of 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year!’

Celebrity status

This year, support for the meat free campaign was not only offered by a variety of vegan-friendly brands, but also by a plethora of celebrity names, including:

Joanna Lumley – Best known for her part in riotous comedy ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, the comedian and actress commented: “I support World Meat Free Week to the hilt. It is such a worthwhile cause to benefit the health of our planet as well as stopping cruelty to our fellow creatures at the same time.”

John Bishop – Also a famed name in the comedy sphere, John Bishop stopped eating meat in 1985; he and his wife now rescue maltreated and homeless animals, to live alongside them in their Cheshire home.

Rachel McCalelland (founder of The Beautiful Life), Swedish vegan food blogger, Jävligt Gott, and PETA’s Sexiest Male Vegetarian Celebrity in 2013, and ‘The Wanted’ member, Jay McGuiness also work to spread the word about #WorldMeatFreeWeek and aim to encourage the world to adopt a plant based diet.

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