In the run up to the New Year, YO! Sushi have added new options to their already extensive line of vegan and vegetarian food on offer in their restaurants and of the dishes will be priced at £2.80.

The new plant based options include the Green Gyoza – a spinach dumpling filled with vegetables and Agedashi Tofu, a hot tofu dish with daikon, ginger, spring onion and topped with Ponzu sauce.

Other dishes already served by the Japanese food chain include Vegetable Yakisoba and a Tofu Katsu Curry. Spicy Cauliflower marinated in a light spice and garnished with red chilli and spring onions will also be added to the vegan and vegetarian options.

The new products come in light of the New Year that is soon to be upon us and the New Year’s resolutions that follow after indulging in good food over the Christmas period. The price also appeals to the post-Christmas penny-pinching whilst being able to dine out on a budget.

YO! Sushi joins Lebanese chain Comptoir Libanais on the launch of new vegan menus, motivating people to keep up their New Year’s resolutions. This brings their vegetarian and vegan menu to a total of 47 dishes, with plenty of choice for those opting for meat-free meals or looking to lower their meat intake. The £2.80 dishes are exclusive throughout January and available at select restaurants.

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